True Calling

by Ravi Tandon

Each man has his purpose, his own ambitions, his own goals.

We, as humans, have a specific set of aptitudes. We develop interests in a certain domain of knowledge. Each man is unique, has his own characteristics and is bound to excel at some particular task. It is this particular area that kindles the fire in you. It can be a goal that you pursue passionately, an activity that you are comfortable doing on a regular basis. They say, Know thyself. Know your peace, know your harmony. Once you find what you are comfortable in (and very few do) you will excel in your field.

Explore your own passion. Learn, grow, fail, move on, try the next area that interests you, until life you find the one. It is this cycle of struggle, this series of failures, that makes the final  destination ever so beautiful.  It is better to have tried and known that one does not like a hundred things, than work unwillingly on a specific area that does not interest you. You would find your inner calling someday, and it is this hope which must linger on in your mind every moment. It is this hope that guides us to achieve the impossible – the pinnacles of success. It is this hope which would empower you and make it purposeful.