Of Friendships & Experiences

by Ravi Tandon

The last week has been quite an intriguing and full of some very beautiful experiences. They say that “life is lived in moments” and I guess that realization takes time to seep into oneself. Over the years, my approach to life was that of an introvert. Friendship for me had a very different meaning, more of a supplement to life’s experiences than a necessity.

I guess as you start realizing the transitions in life, you start understanding how good friendships and meaningful relationships can really steadfast your life. There would be phases in your life when you ant to live alone and focus on you work, on your career. Yet once in a while there would come a phase when may be you have a sense of fulfilment in what you have done, yet you do not have people to share your life’s happiness with. These are periods in life when friends and your loved ones can magnify the sense e of your fulfilment. A beautiful gift, that nature has presented it with.

Over a period of time, it is those moments that you share with your loved ones which would define your life’s experiences. It then becomes essential to be able to maintain your friendships well. I believe now, that it may require sacrifices, risks and sometimes may cause loses and still it would enrich your life ever more than you ever imagine. Quite often we spent a lot more time analyzing ourselves and yet what we miss acting in a sensible manner. The “fear” of what might happen overwhelms our inner self. It tends to be a binding that we might not be able to let go. This restricts what we could have done and thus a major part of expectations remain buried within those unexpected obstacles that might have never existed.

Introverts have this very basic persistent struggle in life of failing to emote. Their experiences are tied within. Expression of oneself is one of the most essential desirable characteristics that an individual can possess. Lack of it diminishes and can even becloud our life’s understanding straining our relationships. An open person, on the hindsight, has the advantage of clarity. Clarity that gives a better vision and more flexibility in understanding those with you.

Yes, this trip taught me to open up a little more, to try out a little more and to spend time out there where people are a little more. There is a lot more in store within the riches of one’s friends than any most of our personal achievements. And hopefully, when they reciprocate the joy you feel gets augmented beyond any bounds.