Of hormonal battles

by Ravi Tandon

Each phase of your life has different set of goals and objectives. Early 20s is an altogether different experience. You finish off your college and enter the professional world. It is the phase when you start looking into the future not only from a career driven perspective but also the social and emotional aspects of your life. One of the most evident concerns amongst guys stems from the latter. The surprising part of the whole game is that no matter how varied people are in their social, economic or cultural set up – the concerns are pretty similar. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the fact that yes, a lot of young people think about interactions with the other half of humanity.

Over the past few weeks, I have had a chance to meet a large number of old school mates and yet surprisingly the question “Bandi mili kya? ” kind of pops up everytime the chats get a bit directionless. And suddenly all your accomplishments (all those super earning jobs, your grad school admits, your college achievements etc. etc.) become minuscule and it is this one problem that decides your coolness (quite unfair I guess :P).

The question, although personal, does trigger an empathetic conversation between lonesome mates lost in the myriad depths of a woman’s mind. Yes, these chaps try to figure out the one big unresolved question every youngster (like me) faces – “Arey Milegi kaise ?” and slowly the discussions move from a gentle inquiry to a heated strategic discussion of the careful series of steps that might get you to your dream partner (which of course is pretty useless).

It is kind of amusing listening to engineers talk about girls. A lot of logical deductions rule the conversations and yet by the end of each discussion it becomes evident that understanding that mind is out of the scope of all those algorithmic mindsets. Each man trying his luck in this battle, is like watching a bunch of non-swimmers trying to reach the shore in the mid of a ravaging sea.

Early 20s for some is about learning about the deep philosophies of courtship; understanding the hormonal battles within. It is about hardships of the heart, the heartbreaks and at the same time the unconditional love you can receive and give. A lot of us find their true ones and yet fail to realize that; and a few of us realize that one person and yet cannot find them. A lot many get screwed up, and a few lucky ones get their wishes !!!!! What makes the whole period so exciting is the fact that you might land up with someone really nice in the end.