A love so yonder

by Ravi Tandon

Illusive creations, of mind, as they creep,
Into my life, unwillingly as I try to keep.
And never a moment, when I succeed,
I wish to have them, for times in need.

Marvels of nature enlivening the soul,
Sparking desires, whilst stories unfold.
Why the heart cries for a love so yonder,
Growing ever so merrily, ever so fonder.

When I ever tried to fathom, I tried in vain,
And yearn did my heart, heavy with pain.

My wish to find, my soul’s true mate,
Ended finding an alienated companion.

Aha ! I realize, why love, was never, ever away,
It shone here, in my heart, as it lovingly sway.
It lay within, in heart’s beats, my smiles, and tears,
In thoughts, every moment’s courage and fears.

And in a moment, I had a revelation,
That, love, heart’s own creation.
Indifferent of worldly beliefs and notions,
Is peaceful in the purity of emotions.