Distant Love

by Ravi Tandon

She cries in pain, in anger, in sorrow,
For her love to return, to a lovely morrow.
And days seem to trudge, slower every day,
She remembers moments, with love and gay.

“Aha !! I wish, I wish you were here,
In arms of your love, to wipe every tear.”
She words these verses, to friends and foe,
As sings her story, with gaiety and woe.

The wait so tiring, so troublesome to her,
She tries in vain, the sadness it incurs.
She shuts her eyes, to memories of past,
Reliving emotions, if moments could last.

Her eyes now shut, it brings them close,
As distances fade, to the love they chose.
Memories made, with love of myriad shades,
Bringing her to joy, as her sadness fades.

Dedicated to one who knows 🙂