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Mother’s Day

A day that brings back innumerable memories.
And, those years of childhood, rejuvenate,
Ever so loving, ever so beautiful, her love,
A precious gift, nature’s most pleasant present. 

She was the hand, you learnt walking with,
She was the lap, you learnt sitting upright upon.
She was the happiness, you were showered with,
She was the motivation, you faced all the challenges with. 

She was the kindness, that filled with you with compassion,
She was the strength, that instilled in you life’s passion.
She brought forth the virtues, the morals within,
She was the cornerstone of your success, victories.

 And now, as time moves by, as she grows old,
She feels meek, before her kids, she once mould.
Hardly expecting anything, but a little care.
A little consideration, a little time to share.

There is a sadness within, a sense of guilt,
Of having never paid her back, with love.
What she made out of little kid today,
As, the heart fills with gratitude, for her.

Happy Mother’s Day 




Life Vs Death

Answer to a question posted on Quora –

Everyone has a right to choose between life and death.
Living is meaningless, painful, tiresome and requires effort.
There are no gods, no spirits, no souls, no afterlives, no reincarnation.
There is no pain or effort or tiredness involved in death.
Why should anyone choose to keep living?

The answer would vary from person to person, for the understanding of life is a personal conception. There are several reasons why people choose life

1. People are scared of dying, because we are not sure what will happen to us after death. 
No one really has the answer to the question as to what really happens to us after death. Religion provides us with some answers. There is no sure proof. Besides, death has an in-built psychological connotations that make us afraid. It is regarded as a negative term. People are afraid of being alone too. Life is perceived as a blessing.

2. Emotions bind us to our the people we know.
For most of us, love is such a binding force that keeps us alive, provides us with energy, meaning and takes way all the tiredness from our lives. Death means a separation from those dear ones. Some have responsibilities too and they want to fulfill them before their lives. Some live for their love ones. Hence, emotional bonding with our dear ones is an important factor that keeps us from dying. Or lives evolves in a society and society has evolved to support our lives. The foremost factor must be the society that keeps us from dying.

3. Human race is essentially pleasure seeking.
We are a very optimistic race. We spend our lives unconscious of the inevitable death that looms large on our life. As we live, we understand that there would be pain. Yet, there are moments of pleasure too. We keep working towards those moments of pleasure. We learn from others. Achievement of our aim leads to an increment in the zeal, that propagates our will to live. It is a cyclic process. Ever wondered why do we actually feel jealous when others are happy ? For the exactly same reason. We live to be happy. And a moment of happiness becomes a sweet memory that motivates us to live. We are essentially a material seeking lot, and there is material once you are dead.

4. Humans build up aims, meaning to their lives.
We are very intelligent species. We have attached so much meaning to our lives that we have hardly any time to think up on death. We have so much cognitive knowledge. Our mind has evolved to learn facts. The dearth for knowledge, money, etc. pushes us to live. The lack of satisfaction is one quality that contributes to our will to live. We are a very competitive race too. Hence, we want to be the best. Theoretically only one can be the best and so you see every one keeps trying.

5. We are monkeys following each other. 
Since, people do not believe in death no body attempts it. We are followers of our society. If a person has no meaning left in his life and life becomes too painful then death could relieve him. However, since nobody is dying he would not attempt that too. Emulating our peers is a very common habit, since that is considered a stable state of life. So once had people been popularizing death, you would actually be asking the opposite question as to why do all die off so quickly, why do we not try to live ?

Some other reasons are:

6. Some are just not bothered about their lives.
7. Death is seen as a state of powerlessness.
8. The pain of death brings fear to the human mind

The One that is with us always

“God could not empower every one of us equally so he provided us a father.”

Our lives are blessed with the parents we have. In the pleasures that life gives us often we fail to understand the problems, challenges that our lives have been writ with and the contribution of our parents in guiding us through all the difficult times. The sacrifices, the pains that our parents have to go through for the well being of their children is one of the hardest things to realize.
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