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The Light Within

Adversity, struggle, complexity is by virtue a part of our lives. Human psychology functions on a very fundamental principle.  Our basic ambition in life is to do what is perceived to be a landmark that very few of fellow beings have achieved. This desire to better our compatriots is what tends to define our existence, purpose in life.

Any such achievement requires prowess better than what others have been able to cultivate in their lives within almost the same set of conditions, opportunities and difficulties.  A thought comes into my mind time and again – what are these champions made up of – entrepreneurs,  nobel laureates, research scientists, social activists etc. etc. Is it an inherent “super-ability”, exceptional mental & physical faculties, a mixture of genius and great luck, optimistic mindfulness , pure desire to struggle and emerge victories etc. In a gist, it has to be an amalgamation of all the above factors to be better than the rest and achieve your own ambitions.

However, a common characteristic of all those is a burning desire to prove oneself through a continuous struggle against oneself. There are phases in one’s life, wherein even with the same set capabilities one feels powerless and yet at times one feels that all the problems can be overcome. The underlying observation about human psychology is the passion within.

Often, it is this desire that brings in other factors essential for success – the love for your work, clarity in your own ambitions, definition to your life, unimaginable power to face tough situations, explorative ideas, expertise etc. etc.  I believe it is this one particular inherent quality that can set your life on a ride so exciting that it might be difficult to de-addict oneself from it. To be an achiever one has to be a believer first, and to believe you need the craving within to break those pessimistic barriers that mar your vision. 

A lack of faith, interest, desire to excel deflates a person’s of his abilities leaving in him searching aimlessly. One gets caught in a trap of presuming it is his environment that is not conditioned adequately for his success.  This is a kind of circle of failure where in the effect turns to amplify the cause itself. What is easier to understand is that the paths that one selects must have his inner self’s pure belief.

There is different kind of sweetness even in the failures of a path that you have chosen for your own self. Such a journey is a lot more enlightening and explorative than those trodden ones that already millions have found ends to. It is that light within that finally shows you the pits on the road ahead. The ecstasy of living your own passions is what drives winners through tough times, inspires them to overcome their own beliefs, look into corners none has ventured into and rise to those super human capabilities which are often ridiculed at by realists and critics. Life is intricate, and human psychology is ever so more complex.

There is a light within each one of us, a light that can guide us to something never achieved before, to a destination that was incomprehensible to others. It is this guiding force that a majority of us seem so reluctant to find, not because it is hard to but for the reason that once we find it, it would be hard to give up on that inner craving once we realize it. It is this journey of self realization that we fear to struggle for and instead learn to live happily within a cocoon of our presumptuous security and safety. It is not the darkness that we fear but the light that might trigger new passions overthrowing our journey and jeopardizing our sweet little beliefs that we never question. What if this is was not the journey that was our true destination ? What if there was a path better for us ? It is  thoughts like these segregate leaders from followers. It is that light within, that desire within that leads one into unchartered territories breaking barriers both within and without.

Education & Perspectives

I am reminded of this great quotation from a great thinker

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

What this poem essentially underlies is very a vital aspect of education. Education is meant to liberate the mind of an individual. It must provide you with the answers to the most basic queries of your day to day lives guiding you with a sense of direction towards the fulfillment of your desires and aims.

My recent experiences seem to suggest otherwise. The disconnect between real life experiences and the primary motivation behind education itself baffles me and sometimes is hard to understand (may be it is just lack of experience & maturity or may be it is just meant to be that way).

We seem to be heading down a path that instills fear, greed and narrow-mindedness. Fear of failing at tasks laid out by others, where metrics are abstractly defined. We have begun a journey we never chose to take, our aims are not to achieve but to make others believe that we have achieved, where deceit and false promises work out really well in keeping with what is expected and not what is correct. The definitions of correct have become even more fuzzy. Over the period of time, I feel may be the ultimate aim of everyone around is to excel at material living.

Those lessons of morality that education gave us seem to have lost ground. They were good in books, when we memorized them to earn great marks. As soon as we were out, things changed, we changed and it is up to survival, a society that essentially somehow mocks at these lessons. It is hard to understand why we as social beings are adept at adapting to changing situations forgoing our innermost belief systems. A crowd following yet another crowd is what it appears.

Goals that have become so shallow, that you cannot distinguish one man’s desire from the other. Essentially, our society has turned into a tasteless group of mindless runners, pursuing goals we never loved. My deepest fears, is not that people do not experiment more, it is that I as an individual will turn no more different than others. Somewhere, within the social structure we might get caught up in the flow and start moving along, believing that was our destiny.

Where did the education fail,if it ever did? Why has the social structure triumphed over our understanding of our ourselves so easily? Why do we understand yet not realize our true potential? They say, to help others we must learn to help ourselves. How can individuals who cannot stay with their faith, move on and influence those around. The perspectives that education had to shape, might start shaping education in itself and that is one of my deepest fears !!

Gandhism In Current Context

2nd October 1869

On 2nd October 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat a boy named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is born who goes on to shape the lives of millions of humans through the sheer will of his belief in a set of concepts, which later came to be known as Gandhism. He proposes some vital concepts – Satya – the concept of truth Simple Living – the concept of a simple life and good thoughts Self-sufficiency – the concept of building a nation strong enough to survive by itself Non-violence – the concept of fighting in a peaceful manner Repentance – the concept of admitting one’s mistakes and making amends for it.

2nd October 2012

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