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Her touch, like tranquility in oneness,
Her presence, like peace in calmness.
Her smile, like million starts that shine,
Her smell, like rose petals in an old wine.

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Distant Love

She cries in pain, in anger, in sorrow,
For her love to return, to a lovely morrow.
And days seem to trudge, slower every day,
She remembers moments, with love and gay.

“Aha !! I wish, I wish you were here,
In arms of your love, to wipe every tear.”
She words these verses, to friends and foe,
As sings her story, with gaiety and woe.

The wait so tiring, so troublesome to her,
She tries in vain, the sadness it incurs.
She shuts her eyes, to memories of past,
Reliving emotions, if moments could last.

Her eyes now shut, it brings them close,
As distances fade, to the love they chose.
Memories made, with love of myriad shades,
Bringing her to joy, as her sadness fades.

Dedicated to one who knows 🙂

Things never said

As years go by, the sweetness grows fonder,
Beautifying the memories, of love so yonder.
Ah move on, the soul cries, crippled by time,
And yet the heart keeps, the sound of love still a chime.


It’s time to go back to life, to unfulfilled dreams,
Beyond those sorrows, and emotional streams.
Move on, move beyond, a past so dead,
Of conversations that linger, and things never said.

A love so yonder

Illusive creations, of mind, as they creep,
Into my life, unwillingly as I try to keep.
And never a moment, when I succeed,
I wish to have them, for times in need.

Marvels of nature enlivening the soul,
Sparking desires, whilst stories unfold.
Why the heart cries for a love so yonder,
Growing ever so merrily, ever so fonder.

When I ever tried to fathom, I tried in vain,
And yearn did my heart, heavy with pain.

My wish to find, my soul’s true mate,
Ended finding an alienated companion.

Aha ! I realize, why love, was never, ever away,
It shone here, in my heart, as it lovingly sway.
It lay within, in heart’s beats, my smiles, and tears,
In thoughts, every moment’s courage and fears.

And in a moment, I had a revelation,
That, love, heart’s own creation.
Indifferent of worldly beliefs and notions,
Is peaceful in the purity of emotions.


Rendezvous Within

Life, as we perceive, is an amalgamation of thousands of miniscule experiences. Human contact, whether in the physical or in the emotional realm is no different. We live our lives oblivious of these involvements and yet get touched by them so deeply. Hundreds of people, meet you in the eye, every week; strangers who would never know, who you would never know and yet there are times when there is feeling of commonness. Some connect to you strangely, some have that same inner calling that you have and you wonder whether they have similar inner thoughts, urging them to reach out.

I wonder what is it that engulfs certain people together? Is it the need, the desire to come together, a curiosity, or an expression of our physiological self. We are bred in social orders which, inherently, encourage people to collaborate, assist, trust and support others; structures adhere to rules wherein people depend on others for a meaningful existence. Life, in itself, evolves as a process, working on a the underlying substance as happiness.

Happiness, therefore, lies right at the core of the driving force that energizes various processes. Connections, (which I alluded to earlier), are one of the several ways which guide ourselves to a sense of fulfillment. The reciprocity of human emotions is powerful enough to serve as a means to achieving it (happiness). We, as humans, have a strong tendency to yearn for reinforcement. Our behavior is moulded to assimilate happiness from reflective feelings accumulated from our experiences. It is this inherent desire that lets people connect, understand, love, like and even hate each other.

It is difficult to imagine someone loving a person who is passive, simply because passivity does not have that nature of reflection. Those who come back at you (either positively or negatively) reassure you and fulfill a need within you to respond. This ignites the passions within for someone you like and equally flaring anger towards a foe.

It is these inner connections which make life interesting, those ambiguous and yet clear concoction of thoughts which place two strangers on a similar pedestal of understanding, associating them through strands of an unknowingly woven entanglement. Emotions are an expression of these associations lighting up your inner self to the world without. Such rendezvous like experiences bring you so close with another soul and yet the whole process seems strangely unforeseen, untold, unfelt manner. It is these myriad, inexplicable experiences that sometimes can energize one’s soul, and could drench one’s inner energies.


Certain experiences have a deep effect on your perspective. Sometimes, you meet someone so different in their personality and yet they have an innate sense of oneness with you. Fate, sometimes conspires against your wishes and yet at others times is the solitary recluse of those lost. Such unexplained rendezvous, inexplicable serendipitous experience of two diverse lives touching each other and then blurring out is beautifully mysterious. Sometimes I wonder, perhaps, it is such experiences that propel our lives and infuse courage within our hearts.

Emotions, within, are intricately complex expressions of our souls. Only a few people in your life would ever be able to touch the very depths of your self. Some years later when you sit down and think of all those people that have touched your lives in some special way, I believe, there would be very few. There are innumerable acquaintances, a group of friends, a few of them very close to your heart, a set of your family; yet a very minuscule percentage of  people that are worthy of witnessing your own life.

This journey gets weirder as you tread the path to your destination. You would meet people you cannot let go; friends you do not want to part with but you realize that moving on is the best path. It is intriguing to realize that some people come into your life, with no rhyme or reason, and depart ever so abruptly and yet leave a sweet little dream still clinging in your heads through those solitary nights. Those memories, memoirs you shared are what remains left of them. You wonder, in a disappointing anguish, why can things never be permanent and detest this ever eluding transitions in life. There are really no answers. There is just an acceptance and understanding of the rules of this game called life. Some things are just meant to be.

In a few years down the line, one day you would be happily wondering what lies ahead, and may be some of those memories might spring up in your mind, from the buried realms of the subconscious mind; realizations of what could have been and how life could have been so different than that it is today. Could you have done something different, or may be chosen a different, to realize a different destiny. These memories, probably, are just a way to remind you of all the beautiful moments, with those beautiful people you ever had, bringing a sense of gratitude towards fate itself. You might just wish them happiness and love, for you would always know that you have moved ahead of that phase of togetherness. You might wonder whether those people ever think of you, of those memories, whether those moments do flood their hearts bringing in tears to their eyes, do they ever sit down lonely reminding themselves of choices made mutually that now define your lives.

Sometimes, the mystery never stops to amuse me. The idea that moving on, forgetting everything, is the best way to live a life seems implausible, and yet is very practical. I guess, there are certain things that come so close to your hearts that forgetting those experiences is never an option. One learns to live by those memories and acceptances of this love’s fate is the most peaceful way to keep moving ahead.


Khush nasib hai wo jinhe yu aasani se mil jaati hai mohabaat,
Unse pocho zara jinke dilo main aaj bhi chupi hai sachi ibadat.

Translation in English :
Those who find their true love easily are lucky beings,
Look at those who are still carrying their prayers in their hearts.

Kabhi woh dard us mehbooba ki yaad dilata tha,
Aaj woh mehbooba ki yaad hi dard de jaaati hai hai.

Translation in English:

There was a time, when my pain reminded me of my love,
Now those memories of love bring me pain.

Love – the elixir of life

And sometimes in love, lie desires obscured,
From the world, as the heart yearns, uncured.
Ah, there in rests the secret, the elixir of life,
Of passionate existence, victories in every strife.

And some realize that with its sweetness,
Others, feel the pain, of perpetual sourness.
Ah, that feeling sinks in, of sentiments so dear,
And emotions jumble, blurred and yet so clear.

Mother’s Day

A day that brings back innumerable memories.
And, those years of childhood, rejuvenate,
Ever so loving, ever so beautiful, her love,
A precious gift, nature’s most pleasant present. 

She was the hand, you learnt walking with,
She was the lap, you learnt sitting upright upon.
She was the happiness, you were showered with,
She was the motivation, you faced all the challenges with. 

She was the kindness, that filled with you with compassion,
She was the strength, that instilled in you life’s passion.
She brought forth the virtues, the morals within,
She was the cornerstone of your success, victories.

 And now, as time moves by, as she grows old,
She feels meek, before her kids, she once mould.
Hardly expecting anything, but a little care.
A little consideration, a little time to share.

There is a sadness within, a sense of guilt,
Of having never paid her back, with love.
What she made out of little kid today,
As, the heart fills with gratitude, for her.

Happy Mother’s Day 




Smile of acceptance

In solitude, restlessly lies a soul,
In remembrance of a dear one.
So close, once, and yet so far,
And now lonely, left with none.

Ever so unhappy, unyielding,
Trying in vain, to comprehend.
What life had in store, battling,
With a smile of acceptance.

Dreamy by the day, sleepless by night,
Lonely in a crowd, friendless with comrades.
Lost in transition between acceptance & denial,
Disillusioned, in love, in a reluctant surrender.

Sweetened thoughts, soured memories,
Confounded paths, a future so hazy.
What could have been, what is to be,
The differences, ripping off the heart within.

A lot of lessons, did the soul learn,
Yet could not fend off the separation.
A regret, a grief it carries heavily,
The essence of love, it had to realize.

Ever so moving, forth and back,
And yet, caught within timelessness.
Flying back to moments, haunted by,
In vain trying to hide from love within.

That soul will find another mate, 
Another sweet little loving friend.
Yet that void would remain,
A special place within, none could take.

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