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Of Rationality, Conscience and Temperament

Rationality, or the art of acting and understanding according to one’s conceptions of rational (reasonable) arguments is one of the foremost qualities of a virtuous life. Conscience, is the guiding principle, the jury, so as to say, within each one of us that lays the foundation of our rationality. Temperament, defines the innate tendencies (that may either facilitate or hinder) of a human being to act in accordance to his character.

This essay explores the interrelationships between the three guiding principles that act as the basis of our actions. Rationality is assumed to be an absolute, irresolute and unchanging conception guided by unbiased reasons. These reasons are assumed to be independent of time, space or being on whom the concept acts. Temperament is the other extreme of rationality; being the emotional self of any being that asserts its intrinsic and individualistic influence and affect one’s actions. Conscience is an individual quality too; however, it is assumed to be true to one’s nature and heavily affected by one’s character and conceptions that change slowly over time and is a more generalized notion. The conscientious self is aware, awakened, capable of comprehending one’s moral responsibilities, one’s rational concepts and at the same time one’s temperamental flaws. It is essentially the seat of one’s judgement posterior to actions and judgements taken by the self.

Every action that one takes has a primal causal element to it. The categorization of the causes of an action is thus guided by any of the following three views:

  1. The rational view
  2. The conscientious view
  3. The temperamental view

The hypothesis that this essay purports is that for an individual to be able to lead a virtuous and peaceful life, rationality has to be the most essential component that pushes oneself into acting.

The rational view and the temperamental view, in general, tend to be the a priori forces acting as basis of most of our actions. The conscience, tends to mold our conceptions of the results of our actions besides at times being the cause themselves.

Temperament, by essence is temporal extremely dependent on one’s conceptions of the present. Our understanding of the world around us is essentially ephemeral. We harbor myriad biases, misunderstandings. Our inferences are based on generalizations that may be not rest solely on true facts. We tend to be inward looking and are therefore guided more by the ideas that favor our own self. Temperaments tend to be outlived by preposterous results of our own actions triggered by such biased ideas.

Rationality is solidified by reasons and understanding associated with any stimulus. Any troublesome situation has a rational response associated to it. When devoid of any rational view, one should adhere to a moral viewpoint. It would ensure that one’s actions have support of one’s long held conceptions, thereby not being temporal. Thought processes that are built up over a larger period of one’s life tend to be more structured and have better results.

The conscientious view, being all aware, tends to be correct and morally correct. Posterior to our actions, when emotions drain out and understanding seeps in, this view takes note of our actions. Conscience tends to be place that infuses satisfaction or sorrow into the results of our own actions. Thus, the underlying guide to our own satisfaction in life is this conscience which is independent of our emotions in the long run.

The curse of rationality lies in the observation that it is hard to practice. As beings, we are born with an essential desire to be impulsive, guided by the moment rather than an understanding evolved over a larger period of time. Our rational self requires time and effort to develop into a self sustaining being within. At times, it requires extreme patience and belief in oneself to follow the path of reason. As erroneous beings the probability that one would forgo the rational path will always be finite. Emotions tend to be powerful and tend to decline as we grow old giving way to the rational self. Conscience, on the other hand, matures through understanding, learning, experience itself. Conscience is ever present within us, yet takes a large time to awaken from the slumber it resides in. Quite often, we tend to jump to action, skipping the more patient path of rationality. The jump infuses a sense of energy within leaving us with emotions running higher. There are areas where being passionate definitely help and reasons tend to fail. In such circumstances, conscience could be the guide yet the source of strength has to be passion and not reason. Barring, such situations that require an extreme level of outdoing oneself, normal life tends to be better guided by reason and logic.

Demons within

There are numerous lessons that life teaches us from time to time. One of the best ones that it teaches us over and over again, yet we fail to realize it is to be positive in life.

Our mind is a home for both the constructive and the destructive self. The destructive self will keep telling you that there are thousand people in this world better than you at your task. The constructive self acknowledges to it and motivates you to keep working on your abilities to beat those thousands of people out there.

The demons in our lives that prevent us from appreciating our lives are within us. It is those ideas that we prevent us from going beyond the boundaries of potentials that we create for ourselves. It is that voice that is currently asking me not to write this answer and coaxing me to give up working and go and rest.

What separates the winners from others is the realization of delusions that the ghosts within us create. Those huge sets of problems that we create for ourselves whenever we set out to achieve our goals are works of the negative power within. The trouble is when we set out we have energy to fight those demons. The start is always positive. Yet, as the path gets long, the road gets bumpy, you lose energy. Part of your energy goes in fighting the demons. Every failure, every small incorrect move and your mind keeps feeding those devils with doubts. The negative forces thrive on mistakes we commit. Sooner, than later one gives up, depressed and dejected and the kingdom of the devil becomes ever so mightier.

You try again and those devils feed you with earlier memories of your defeat. You keep wondering why you could not do it the last time and there in you lose valuable energy. These devils have blood running on their mouths and like leeches they suck on your own energy. They relish the hopelessness of the mind and strengthen their hold on your emotions. Sadness, pain and horror of failure are their magical wands that perpetuate their strength.

You build a mountains of doubts ever so slowly and every time you go out achieving that task, those devils rise within and stop you out.

There is a very simple concept to out performing your own self. Those who successfully endeavor to overcome those negative side of one’s inner self.

The only remedy and the simplest one is to keep feeding these devils the potions of positiveness. Every time you go out and try to stretch your boundaries have the magic wands with you. These include faith, hope, happiness, belief, optimism, patience, persistence, and an understanding of reality. Listen to the angels within. They might not be loud yet their words are worth in gold. Comprehend the world around you. There are rules to getting successful on things. Failures are staircase and success comprises of every extra step you took from your last attempt. The boundaries that we define around us are not for real. These are illusions created by the scary side of our mind telling us not to look beyond. Ignore those advice and look beyond for there might be easier paths leading to your destination. Each successful step builds up strength of the optimist within.

Ever tried running a very simple marathon ?? Give it a try. You would realize those inner demons amplify their voices as you keep getting weaker and tiresome. The marathon is always run within your mind. The track is just the abstraction a depiction of how well performing against your own doubts.

Light, by the end of the journey

By the end of the journey, flashes is a light,
Guiding us, through pain, fears and fright.
As vagabonds, we move on, searching a goal,
And yet that light is end to your flawless soul.

Of Friendships & Experiences

The last week has been quite an intriguing and full of some very beautiful experiences. They say that “life is lived in moments” and I guess that realization takes time to seep into oneself. Over the years, my approach to life was that of an introvert. Friendship for me had a very different meaning, more of a supplement to life’s experiences than a necessity.

I guess as you start realizing the transitions in life, you start understanding how good friendships and meaningful relationships can really steadfast your life. There would be phases in your life when you ant to live alone and focus on you work, on your career. Yet once in a while there would come a phase when may be you have a sense of fulfilment in what you have done, yet you do not have people to share your life’s happiness with. These are periods in life when friends and your loved ones can magnify the sense e of your fulfilment. A beautiful gift, that nature has presented it with.

Over a period of time, it is those moments that you share with your loved ones which would define your life’s experiences. It then becomes essential to be able to maintain your friendships well. I believe now, that it may require sacrifices, risks and sometimes may cause loses and still it would enrich your life ever more than you ever imagine. Quite often we spent a lot more time analyzing ourselves and yet what we miss acting in a sensible manner. The “fear” of what might happen overwhelms our inner self. It tends to be a binding that we might not be able to let go. This restricts what we could have done and thus a major part of expectations remain buried within those unexpected obstacles that might have never existed.

Introverts have this very basic persistent struggle in life of failing to emote. Their experiences are tied within. Expression of oneself is one of the most essential desirable characteristics that an individual can possess. Lack of it diminishes and can even becloud our life’s understanding straining our relationships. An open person, on the hindsight, has the advantage of clarity. Clarity that gives a better vision and more flexibility in understanding those with you.

Yes, this trip taught me to open up a little more, to try out a little more and to spend time out there where people are a little more. There is a lot more in store within the riches of one’s friends than any most of our personal achievements. And hopefully, when they reciprocate the joy you feel gets augmented beyond any bounds.

Traveller, the strength of the journey

Oft, our journeys lose their way,
As paths become unknown, ideas clutter.
When fears rule the mind, & faiths shutter,
Look for the light, the hope in sight.

That light by the end of the road,
Oft tells me to believe, to strengthen.
And fly along, courageously, fearless,
Rekindling my belief, to smile when hopeless.

And then I realize, in those moments,
That power resides, within, & not without.
Traveller is the strength of the journey,
And the rest, mere players of the travelogue.


The light of hopeless times,
Illuminating the path of belief.
The inner voice, of a fearing soul,
Strengthening a heart in pain.

Oh, hear to your heart,
Listen to your inner self.
There is a truth residing there,
A happiness yearning to break free.

The first step of an infant,
The first flight of a bird’s child.
The first jump of a sky-diver,
The first victory of a lost man.

There is faith, that perpetuates life.
A self belief, overcoming every strife.
What is a self when no hope is left,
A life that is lifeless, & happiness bereft.

A Mad Race

One of the biggest misconceptions in life is that our life is a mad rat race.


Sorry, but I really do not agree.

We are born as innocent looking sweet kids, ready to enjoy the world and suddenly these kids are taught the concepts of competition of having to fight against other innocent, sweet looking sweet kids and win an illusionary struggle. The conceptions get deep rooted into our minds. This social conditioning gets embodied into our subconscious.

As we grow old, enter school, there are a system that gratifies only those who supposedly do well at a pre-determined set of subjects. In college, the story remains same. You go get a job, and you are pitied against each other on the basis of the amount of money you earn, and the story goes on …..

Life is a battle – for sure it is !!!
And yet, it is a battle against oneself, others are just companions, comrades fighting the same battle.

We have a very scornful metric based measurement system that supposedly measures our performance over our lives. What wer fail to understand is that no system can be perfect enough to understand your value other than the system you have evolved over your lives.

Yes, I agree that we as humans have to fight – this is a battle of survival. Yet, it is  disconcerting to see people trying to beat each other at the game called life and at the same time praying for each other too.

Respect for other individuals, love, camaraderie, compassion have somehow been deteriorated in this race that we have falsely started to believe in !!!!

Life has to be loved, lived happily. There is no end goal, no end result, the almighty would not stand there with a report card there waiting for our performance review.


This is poem that relates to the answer above —

How so many aims, how so many goals?
How so many un-quenched, ever thirsty souls?
What complexity, what a quagmire,
Why do we want, why desire ?

What is there that you can take?
Why then put such a precious life at stake?
For wealth and luxury are for a day’s sake,
True bliss and joy, they cannot make.

Why then the pretence, why the guile?
Why feign ignorance, every minute every while?
Lets observe ourselves, in a silent talk,
Let’s end the run, and learn to walk.


Sometimes in solitude, 
sometimes in loneliness, 
you realizes the powers, 
that lie hidden 
Sometimes in pain, 
sometimes in sorrow, 
in defeat, and anguish,
lie your greatest potential

A burning fire

What a life, it would be, of passion, of desire,
A perpetual craving to learn, a burning fire.
What a journey, free from strangles, holds,
An inspiration to millions, young and olds.

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How so much wealth, yet so little value

How so much wealth, yet so little value,
How so many haves, yet so few gains.
How so much known, yet so little understood,
How so much love, yet so little compassion.

Why so much we want, why so little do we give?
Why so many defeats, why so few victories?
Why so many joys, yet so little bliss?
Why so many emotions, yet so few empathies?




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