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Things never said

As years go by, the sweetness grows fonder,
Beautifying the memories, of love so yonder.
Ah move on, the soul cries, crippled by time,
And yet the heart keeps, the sound of love still a chime.


It’s time to go back to life, to unfulfilled dreams,
Beyond those sorrows, and emotional streams.
Move on, move beyond, a past so dead,
Of conversations that linger, and things never said.


Khush nasib hai wo jinhe yu aasani se mil jaati hai mohabaat,
Unse pocho zara jinke dilo main aaj bhi chupi hai sachi ibadat.

Translation in English :
Those who find their true love easily are lucky beings,
Look at those who are still carrying their prayers in their hearts.

Kabhi woh dard us mehbooba ki yaad dilata tha,
Aaj woh mehbooba ki yaad hi dard de jaaati hai hai.

Translation in English:

There was a time, when my pain reminded me of my love,
Now those memories of love bring me pain.

Love – the elixir of life

And sometimes in love, lie desires obscured,
From the world, as the heart yearns, uncured.
Ah, there in rests the secret, the elixir of life,
Of passionate existence, victories in every strife.

And some realize that with its sweetness,
Others, feel the pain, of perpetual sourness.
Ah, that feeling sinks in, of sentiments so dear,
And emotions jumble, blurred and yet so clear.

Some Moments Have Passed

Some moments have passed, some memories withered.
Some desires I had, all destroyed and shriveled.
Some lessons, I learnt,  of sorrow and separation,
Some cravings I have, un-relinquished and withheld.

If only those moments, those memories could last, unobstructed,
If only those desires be alive, rejuvenated, revitalized.
If only those lessons, be unlearnt, never to be comprehended,
If only those cravings be set free, unbounded, disentangled.



What a shame, we could not go along,
And make life a bliss, a happy song.
Why emotions could not stand strong,
To acknowledge the right from wrong.

While those moments have passed by,
those reminiscences seem to be as still.
And I try forget the past, and move on,
Only to find that perhaps I’ve lost that will.

Why the sorrow remains behind,
why does the pain stay?
Why the heart ever loves,
why does the soul ever pray?

An Emptiness Within

oh, here i sit, wondering in rememberence,
of the times yonder, still left to ponder.
oh what a time, what moments that passed by,
leaving a hollow, an emptiness within.

can the past return, and beautify the present,
can the future wait, for life to turn around.
and memories come alive to revive a dormant soul,
to rejuvenate a life, a life that has lost its goal.

oh those mornings, those nights that glowed,
those lovely fleeting memoirs, what a life they showed.
how i yearn to be confined in the reigns of my past,
to capture those thoughts, that fade so fast.

A coffee and a lady

A chilled wintry after-noon and a coffee shop – yes that was the setting of our first meeting – the meet we were looking for almost a month or so.  “A lot can happen over a coffee” –  guess thats true. In our case, we could re-affirm it is “A lot went well over that coffee” itself. The rendezvous was as exciting, as the build up to it. The expectations, the nervousness, the stupidity quotient were all pretty high. There were smiles, there were awkward moments, and yet we believed things were going normal.

It is a strange place, is a coffee shop. It is romantic in its setup, with the seats close together, put up in a fashion people get to know each other, and yet comfortable enough for strangers to meet. There  is not that room for too many people and you hardly find any rush in there, secluded from the city-life outside. And, of course, there is the coffee to soothe your mind and comfort you for a light, breezy talk. Life seems to take a rest, from the joys and the sorrows, from the expectations and the results, and from the ups and the downs.  The isolation brings in comfort, in such a serene environment, the stillness brings in the pleasure of laziness.

The talk starts a little cautiously as you get to know the other person. . You feel the joy of knowing a person, and what more a lady in my case :). You start understanding the lady, how she behaves, how she thinks, how she reacts, and far more than that you get the lovely smile time and again. The eye-contact is one thing you could feel only when u sit opposite a lady. It is as if it fills in all the voids your conversation ever leaves behind, something that has to be experienced only. The conversation drifts on aimlessly as you sit there thinking about the other person, admiring her, smiling and wondering whats next.

Finally, you move to the end of the most wonderful get-together you’ve ever had. You really do not want it to. If only somethings could last forever, if only time was not an issue, if only circumstances went as you want them to. However, thats life, it gives you happiness and limits it with constraints you do not want to accept. You get up, there is the final good bye and you part ways, thinking how did it go, what was the impression like, and how could she look that beautiful …………



I long for those moments of pleasure,
I envy time, that took away a treasure.
And left with memories, memories so clear,
That she is still so close, the closeness I fear.

I tried to live, to live a joyous life,
I tried to fight, to fight that mental strife.
And yet I wished, not pleasure not pain,
For in victory I understood, there lay no gain.

Those days have gone, of sorrow and pain,
When I cried in pleasure, and wept in vain.
The time has come, the hours so near,
For a long awaited meet, with a friend so dear.

Why the retrieval, why the withdrawal,
Why keep the secrets, ignoring the call.
Move forward, to her, get what you are destined,
What heart knows best, the mind can never comprehend.

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