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The wishlist !!

So, I have been reading too many wish lists lately and therefore thought of writing down one for my own self too. It would be great to be able to complete these before I move on to my next life.

  1. Live on a beach for some days.
  2. Run a marathon (10 Km in under an hour).
  3. Go on a road trip to some distant location (something like a trip to Leh).
  4. Go to Tibet, live a monk’s life for a week/month.
  5. Cook a full  meal my self.
  6. Go to a graduate school. Become a doctor (not the one which cures others).
  7. Publish my own book (a book on my favorite poems).
  8. Attend a live concert (preferably Coldplay).
  9. Do volunteer social work for an extended period of time.
  10. Start a social enterprise. 
  11. Find someone who loves me, propose and marry her (try and try and at last you succeed).
  12. Contribute something significant to the open source (yeah, a geeky contributor too).
  13. Complete my wishlist of places I want to visit – New Zealand (for its beauty), Norway (I want to see the sun at 12 am), Switzerland,  Amsterdam (you know why :P).
  14. Have a six (at least a 4) pack abs for a short period of time.
  15. Buy my mother a Honda City.
  16. Learn a musical instrument.
  17. Try sky diving, bungee jumping – getting closer to death.
  18. Publish a top tier conference paper all alone by myself. 

    To Be Continued ……

Happy New Year

Oh, forgo the bygones, forget every pain,
A new year, a new dawn, every moment a gain.
Let’s dream of a future, a future so bright,
Daylight may fade, away from its light.

And amongst the happiness, amongst all the cheer,
Lets learn from the past, those lessons very clear. 
Lets foray into the future, & forgo every fear.
Have a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year !!

1920_2013 Happy New Year

Let’s learn to walk

How so many aims, how so many goals?
How so many un-quenched, ever thirsty souls?
What complexity, what a quagmire,
Why do we want, why desire ?

What is there that you can take?
Why then put such a precious life at stake?
For wealth and luxury are for a day’s sake,
True bliss and joy, they cannot make.

Why then the pretence, why the guile?
Why feign ignorance, every minute every while?
Lets observe ourselves, in a silent talk,
Let’s end the run, and learn to walk.


Desire is a universal characteristic of human beings. Our aims in life are motivated by our wants and needs. The first stanza questions this longing. Why do we have so many ambitions and so many yearnings in life? I am referring to materialistic gains. Why do we depend so much on insignificant things in our lives? Most of our needs never get fulfilled. We set a hundred new aims once we achieve one. The cycle is endless and it makes us thirsty for material success. Our life has become a very complex process (quagmire)

In the second stanza I reverberate the idea that material wealth is transitory in nature. It is only a means and not an end. We should not put our precious life in order to build wealth (money) alone. Instead our aim should be to understand life and “live” a larger purpose.

In the last stanza, I try to bring out the point that we as humans are very intelligent. We have knowledge of the nature of things around us. Yet we do not accept reality – a reality that we are mortal beings. We ignore this particular fact. We live as though we are going to live forever. However, that fact is not true. “why the guile”  refers to the way we live such an artificial life. In our lust for money and for power we tend to cheat on people. Living a truthful life is such a rarity. I suggest people to understand life. Understanding oneself is very important. One needs to observe oneself in a silence quite like meditation.  Once a person comprehends his own being, life becomes easier to fathom. We all are creations of the same reality, and therefore the innate nature of things is just the same. It is about understanding ourselves. Let us meditate and deliberate on our own lives. Let us talk to ourselves in a calm and serene manner. Let us stopping running and give up this mad race. Let us give the pursuit of a success that has been defined by others. Let us move slowly, observe and learn.


A coffee and a lady

A chilled wintry after-noon and a coffee shop – yes that was the setting of our first meeting – the meet we were looking for almost a month or so.  “A lot can happen over a coffee” –  guess thats true. In our case, we could re-affirm it is “A lot went well over that coffee” itself. The rendezvous was as exciting, as the build up to it. The expectations, the nervousness, the stupidity quotient were all pretty high. There were smiles, there were awkward moments, and yet we believed things were going normal.

It is a strange place, is a coffee shop. It is romantic in its setup, with the seats close together, put up in a fashion people get to know each other, and yet comfortable enough for strangers to meet. There  is not that room for too many people and you hardly find any rush in there, secluded from the city-life outside. And, of course, there is the coffee to soothe your mind and comfort you for a light, breezy talk. Life seems to take a rest, from the joys and the sorrows, from the expectations and the results, and from the ups and the downs.  The isolation brings in comfort, in such a serene environment, the stillness brings in the pleasure of laziness.

The talk starts a little cautiously as you get to know the other person. . You feel the joy of knowing a person, and what more a lady in my case :). You start understanding the lady, how she behaves, how she thinks, how she reacts, and far more than that you get the lovely smile time and again. The eye-contact is one thing you could feel only when u sit opposite a lady. It is as if it fills in all the voids your conversation ever leaves behind, something that has to be experienced only. The conversation drifts on aimlessly as you sit there thinking about the other person, admiring her, smiling and wondering whats next.

Finally, you move to the end of the most wonderful get-together you’ve ever had. You really do not want it to. If only somethings could last forever, if only time was not an issue, if only circumstances went as you want them to. However, thats life, it gives you happiness and limits it with constraints you do not want to accept. You get up, there is the final good bye and you part ways, thinking how did it go, what was the impression like, and how could she look that beautiful …………


Memories – God’s Gift to Man

Human beings possess a very strong self consciousness – an understanding of their own selves. This consciousness can be positively constructed and channelized to empower themselves. A positive understanding from their past experiences can help them overcome the tribulations of life. An essential tool that we as humans have been blessed with is a strong collection of memories. Memories are remembrances of past events. Our mind is the solution to a large number of predicaments we suffer from. Cultivation of positive memories can be seen as an effective practice to overcome bad experiences of our lives.

Our thoughts work in a cyclic manner. Our present thoughts convert into actions tomorrow that become our future thoughts. Memories are an accumulation of these thoughts, experiences, and actions. Thinking positively, remembering positive events in life can be efficacious in leading us to our goals. Happy memories carry us to a state of bliss – a bliss that we encountered some time ago. It is this bliss that can provide us with infinite source of energy. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn to tap that great source of energy and live a happy life.

    “Look within the mind, at the,
Infinite energy that you bind.
For every moment of pleasure,
Is God’s gift and life’s treasure.

When life presets you with sorrows with pains,
When life seems to be down, without any gains.
Remember the past, moments of glee,
The moments your cherished, & the pain shall flee.”

A Peaceful Dream

As I lay in the open, Underneath the tree,

A thought began to flow, like a bird that’s free.

The thought became a dream, a dream so pure,

That life seemed an illusion, and reality became unsure.
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